Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking is the most popular activity for tourists visiting Nepal. As such, Nepal is the world’s premier destination for trekking and is the country where commercial trekking was pioneered back in the early 1960s. Trekking in Nepal means one will be walking in the mountainous rural area, passing through beautiful valleys and high mountain passes, lovely mountain villages, waterfalls, farm, pristine forests etc. In another word, Trekking in Nepal is making a journey on foot, especially hiking through mountainous areas for a week to several days and enjoying nature or experiencing closer contact with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyle is unchanged since many generations.

The walking itself is usually not too difficult, you will enjoy and experience the adventurous with the real-life scenario in mountain areas or in remote area. In case of Nepal, Nepal has many places where people can easily do trek for a couple of days to up to a month or even more.

Two of the most popular trekking regions are the Everest and Annapurna where many different trails can be followed while the other popular treks are in the Langtang and Kanchenjunga regions. The most challenging is the Great Himalayan Trails, an extensive trail system that covers Nepal from East to West (Humla and Darchula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east). The diversity of trekking trails in Nepal cannot be found in any other part of the world.

We offer two different types of trek in Nepal
A. Lodge Trek: Our treks are always led by professional licensed guide together with assistance guides and your big backpack will be carried by our porters. During the trek, you’ll be staying overnight at local lodges in the mountain. They have simple accommodation on twin or triple bed sharing basis normally without attached bathroom. We provide you the good sleeping bag with inner lining for every trekker. All meals will be served in the lodges. We will bring along some supplements food items which is not available in the mountain like dry fruits, nuts, canned meat etc. We also provide cook who look after food and drinks if the group size is more than 15 pax.

B. Camping Trek: Camping trek is more adventurous trek than Lodge Trek and it is often used in the less frequented trekking routes , where lodging facilities are not available. We will stay overnight at outdoor tented camp, we will provide foam mattress, sleeping bags with inner lining for every trekker. Trek will led by professional license guide together with assistance guides and porters will carry all the camping equipment including your big backpack, tents, food, fuels and all other necessary supplies. Each trekking group will be accompanied by a cook and kitchen helpers, who will prepare our meals daily (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) something different day by day.

Sightseeing (Leisure Tours)
Nepal is the land of high Himalayan peaks including the world’s tallest peak Mt. Everest. Beyond high mountain Himalayan peaks, Nepal is a blend of nature, culture, and amazing people. Nepal is a country rich with cultural heritage which has been passed onto for thousands of years. Ancient cities, historic palaces, temples as old as time itself are some of its prime cultural examples. What even make it better are the people. The ever so humble people of Nepal are praised for their hospitality and kindness. Moreover, you can witness how they value their culture, tradition, and religion to keep it alive with time. Thus, Nepal is a gift to the world; a gift full of natural beauty wrapped with rich cultural heritage by the humble hands of the endearing Nepalese. Our leisure sightseeing tour packages are meticulously designed to let you experience, enjoy and indulge in the natural beauty and rich cultural diversity.

Easy Trekking: Designed for trekkers without trekking experience or trekkers with family and seniors, we organise a diverse range of easy and pleasant walking treks somewhere near Kathmandu valley or Pokhara valley. These treks are designed as such that trekkers will have to walk about 2- 3 hrs daily. The trek involves no difficult climbing or ascents to high altitudes, maximum elevation for such treks are around 2,100m above sea level. It is usually 2-4 days of trekking and suitable for everyone from young kids to elderly. Such treks also offer grand mountain vista and colorful horizons of a whole series of mountain ranges. The accommodation and foods in the comfortable tea houses and local lodges.

Moderate Trekking: Moderate treks are more challenging than Easy Trek. You have to be physically fit and ready to walk average 5 to 6hrs daily. In general, they are longer than roughly 10 days of walking up and down the mountain trails, and requires climbing to higher altitudes of around 3500m to 4000m above sea level. Most of the popular trekking routes in Nepal fall under this category. You might also be experiencing high altitude air with low level of oxygen on some days and are therefore required to have a positive attitude and be physically fit. Previous hiking or camping experience is preferable.

Strenuous Trekking
This is more challenging and demanding trek, you have to be physically fit and mentally prepared for the real adventures. You will be walking for 6-8 hours per day or longer on very high altitude with tough daily ascend and descend of around 500-1000m.  Basic training is required before the trekking. You are likely to be on a remote environment with extreme weather in some days where you might be facing high altitude air with low level of oxygen and only basic facilities on some nights. Previous trekking experience, physical fitness and positive attitude are therefore essential.  These treks ascend to high altitudes (up to 5500m) and involve some steep climbing, although it is never necessary to use ropes etc. A good technical support team and knowledgeable local guide is a must. Only experienced trekkers are advised to do these treks.

Popular Trekkings in Nepal

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