This is my second Nepal trek organised by Brothers international Tours with Anil as my personal guide. It was an unforgetable trip for me where I pushed myself to a new limit. In 2016, I went with Anil on the Phoon Hill trek and this year, I chose the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek.

Anil, with his usual sunshine smile, is a great support to me. For someone who did not prepare well or trained for the trip, he has given me a lot encourgement and is super patient with my pace. He shared jokes and taught me Nepalnese songs to distract me from my fatigue. I was given a lot of time to rest and offered thoughtful prepared snacks, fruits and canned food throughout the trip. With Anil’s encourgement and care, I made it to ABC! What an awesome achievement!

Anil is very knowledgable about the culture and very experience and familar with the mountain and the routes. I felt very safe while trekking with him. Along the way, we spotted animals and captured beautiful shots. He takes very beautiful pictures and videos! He even gave me tips to capture good shots! Many laughing and fun moments!

Once again, I strongly recommend Brothers International Tours to anyone who wants to trek or tour Nepal at a reasonable and affortable budget with great service. As my promise to GanGan and Anil, I will train myself and go back to challenge annapurna circuit trek next year.

这是我第二次在尼泊尔徒步旅行, 由国际兄弟旅游组织, 由Anil作为我的个人向导。这对我来说是一次难忘的旅行, 我把自己推向了一个新的极限。2016年, 我和Anil一起去了普恩山的徒步旅行, 今年, 我选择了安娜普尔纳基地营地 (abc) 徒步。

对于一个没有做好准备或经过训练的徒步旅行客来说, Anil给了我很多鼓励, 对我的徒步速度非常有耐心。他分享笑话, 教我尼泊尔歌曲, 以分散我的疲劳。在整个旅行过程中, 我得到了很多休息的时间, 他并提供了精心准备的零食、水果和罐头食品。在Anil的鼓励下, 我终于到达了安娜普尔纳基地营地 (abc) ! 对我来说是个了不起的成就!

Anil对文化非常了解, 对山路也非常熟悉。我觉得和他一起徒步非常安全。一路上, 我们发现了动物, 捕捉到了美丽的镜头。他拍了非常漂亮的照片和视频!他也教我如何捕捉好镜头的小窍门! 这次的步行之旅,我非常满意。

再次, 我强烈推荐兄弟国际旅游给任何想要到尼泊尔徒步或旅游的朋友。兄弟国际旅游可以给你提供优秀的服务和一个非常合理的旅游配套。作为我对GanGan和Anil的承诺, 我将训练自己, 明年回去挑战安娜普纳赛道的跋涉。