8 days Langtang trek + 3D2N Chitwan + Nargakot

计划去旅行时,旅行社对我们的照顾与支持是非常重要的。这趟尼泊尔之行,我发现Brother Team 就很佔优势,把这点做得很好。
老板本身来自尼泊尔,却又住在新加坡,他能理解新加坡人的习性与需求。而当我们飞到尼泊尔时,又有他的一班亲兄弟Anil, Jhak在哪儿接应与带领,这样的合作是很有默契的。就算在山上,他们一个帯头一个压尾,唯恐我们迷失。

Planning for a trips, a good Travel agents is important, for this case, Brothers Team has a lot of advantage.
The owner from Nepal, but stay in Singapore, he understands out habits and needs. When we fly over to Nepal’s, his own brothers are taking care of us, so the support is good.

During the trips, Anil is always in front leading, and Jhak always behind makes sure everyone can catch up.
Be it the Food, hot water supplies and the porters, the teams are really helpful and supportive.
The only set back is, 9 hours walk every day is too much for normal people, is tired and don’t really enjoy along the way. If spend another 2 more days, I suppose every one of us can reach the hill TOP.
Anyway, If there is a chance to go again, we will choose them again.