Dear Ganga,

We have all made it home without problems. The trek was excellent. Jhak really does a great job of taking care of everyone. He really knows alot about the area and he communicates well with everyone. His english is very good as is yours. Jhak, Man and Chij were all great, we were lucky to have such a great crew. Everyone made it to ABC, but Andrea had a headache and Maila had to carry here down beyond MBC and she was able to walk into Derauli. She was fine afterward. We had a perfect clear sunny day going into ABC and a very clear morning for sunrise at ABC. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you. Yes, Jhak did give me the gift for my wife. She was very pleased and wishes me to thank you very much. I too am sorry that you could not be in Kathmnadu upon our return or better yet it would have been nice to have you on the trek. Someday we will trek together.

Mike and Eberhard are already planning the next trip which will be the northern part of the Annapurna Circuit with a side trip up a remote valley and going over two passes. They discussed this trip with Jhak.
I’ll followup with Steve in the next couple of days and see if we can push the shipping company to get the refund they owe to you.

Best regards,
Eric Clapp– USA