Dear Ganga :
I have just returned home on Singapore after an amazing trekking holiday in Nepal. The experience has been both breathtaking and unforgettable and I am witting this mail to express thanks and admiration to both Miru and Shyam, for being our guide and porter cum extraordinaire during the 6-day trek to Poon Hill in Jan 07. They have dutifully ensured that the experience was both enriching and very pleasant as well.

This mail also serves to express my thanks to you as well, for providing us with in-depth information and advice during the pre-trek briefing in your office and for having coordinated and planned our trip so well. The trek was executed the exact manner you have described it and we could not have been more prepared for the trek, both mentally and psychologically.

Whether we were in Landruk, Tadapani, Ghorepani, Ghandruk or Hile, the panaromic views of the Annapurna Mountain Range were truly spectacular and it simply took my breath away. Throughout the entire duration of the 6-day trek, all these whist having breakfast and watching the sunrise or whist preparing to wind down for end of the day, admiring the golden rays of the setting sun.

Miru has been a fabulous guide, providing us with endless information of the mountain and about Nepal. His patience is admirable as well as we fired him with endless questions, being our first trip to Nepal. He also amazes us with his strong command of spoken Mandarin and I an sure that your company with fully take advantage of emerging markets such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, where there are many people feel more at ease speaking the Chinese Language.

Shyam is ever so fit, ever so soft-spoken, so courteous and helpful, despite lugging a huge baggage load of more than 35kg of our personal belongings. His culinary skills are commendable as well, to ensure that food served during each meal is different and tasty as well. I was beginning to enjoy his Nepali pizza, rosti, spring rolls and even fried marcaroni. The trek could have ended so soon before I could enjoy his entire cultinary delights. Writing about it now is making me hungry. The truth is that I gobbled down every single piece of food served and this is a great testimonials of this cooking skills.

I have an hand a total of 1,000 pictures taken of my trek to Poon Hill. All carefully photographed to depict the great outdoor scenary of Nepal, not just of the mountain but of the people, the animals, the villages and the villagers. The ugly side of the trek, whereby irresponsible trekkers threw litter everywhere, was also photographed, to remind us what not to do during the trek. It is my privilege and honor as well to be able to present some of these pictures to you. For your presentation to new trekkers planning to trek Poon Hill with you and your company. Hope it will further inspire to overcome all odds to undertake this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

During the trip, I have been fortunate to meet with two teachers for Belgium, the first from their country assigned to improve the teaching and education system and standard in Nepal. I met too a Dutch lady, who has now settled in Nepal for three years, and who has given up the comfort of her home in Holland, to help set up a nursery school for the very young in Nepal, This has truly inspired me and brought new meaning to the words, education and charity.

Once a Nepal, always a Nepal, And I am really pleased and proud as well, that you Ganga, a Nepali, has chosen to stay in Singapore, to manage a travel agency and to inspire many Singaporeans to choose to trek in Nepal, the best trekking destination in the world, Who else other than you who is able to speak passionately about you country and who could administer the trek and trip so well, with your very extensive network in Nepal.

I am already looking forward to my next trek with your company during the middle of this year, to fulfill my childhood dream to trek up to the Everest Base Camp, And I am sure that I will yet again be able to have wonderful memories and an unforgettable experience.

keep up the great and inspiring work!