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What our clients say ?

Went to Nepal twice with Anil as my guide and had an awesome trip there on both occasions. Overall a great experience and would highly recommend it to hiking enthusiast and those looking for an adventure.

Breathtakin Nepal

Visited Nepal in April 2017 and my two-day hike around Nagarkot had been smooth with Anil as my guide. He was very patient with my pace and always make sure I feel comfortable during the entire hike. Highly recommended for those planning to visit beautiful Nepal.

Thank you Brothers International tours for arranging our Wonderful trip. It’s really Remarkable and Unforgettable Trip。

8 days Langtang trek + 3D2N Chitwan + Nargakot

计划去旅行时,旅行社对我们的照顾与支持是非常重要的。这趟尼泊尔之行,我发现Brother Team 就很佔优势,把这点做得很好。
老板本身来自尼泊尔,却又住在新加坡,他能理解新加坡人的习性与需求。而当我们飞到尼泊尔时,又有他的一班亲兄弟Anil, Jhak在哪儿接应与带领,这样的合作是很有默契的。就算在山上,他们一个帯头一个压尾,唯恐我们迷失。
Planning for a trips, a good Travel agents is important, for this case, Brothers Team had a lot of advantage.
The owner from Nepal, but stay in Singapore, he understands out habits and needs. When we fly over to Nepal’s, his own brothers are taking care of us, so the support is good.
During the trips, Anil is always in front leading, and Jhak always behind makes sure everyone can catch up.
Be it the Food, hot water supplies and the porters, the teams are really helpful and supportive.
The only set back is, 9 hours walk every day is too much for normal people, is tired and don’t really enjoy along the way. If spend another 2 more days, I suppose every one of us can reach the hill TOP.
Anyway, If there is a chance to go again, we will choose them again.

8 days Langtang trek + 3D2N Chitwan + Nargakot

A great experience in Nepal after the 30 yrs wait ..

We booked our trip with Brothers in Singapore.After comparing w a Nepal local trekking provider, we decided to go ahead with Brothers International. Ganga Budhatoki is right that Brothers is a good choice to take care for Singaporeans. We have specially boiled water for all 13 members every morning & night .. which is definitely not a norm for local trekkers.

A good experience with Jhak Budhatoki as our main guide , assisted by Anil Budhatoki & Sam ( chief cook), 1 water “specialist” & six other porters. . Meals are flexible to suit to our appetite when we are uncomfortable in the high altitude.

Though disappointed with the slow visa & immigration clearing process, the friendliness of trekking guides & porters remains the trademark of Nepal.
Will look forward for more trips with Brothers ! Strongly recommend to engage their service ! See you soon!

Samani Toh
On behalf of Just1 from Spore. More

Date of experience: April 2019

Hi Mr Ganga,
How are you & your family? Arrived home late last nite from Nepal to Bangkok and then S’pore. We have an enjoyable trekking in Nepal. Thanks to your brothers team, great chef and all the porters for supporting all the 28 of us. I’m expected to loose some weight due to the trekking and food, but it turned out that your chef is super good in his cooking that I’ve gained 1 kg.?. Thanks once again for a good trekking and I will definitely recommend your company to my Safra Running Club if they want to do trekking in Nepal. Cheer!

We trekked to ABC with Chij as our guide in Dec 2018. Chij is a friendly guide and attended well to our needs. He offered help along the way and guided us safely to ABC. Thanks Anil and Jhak for receiving us when we returned to Kathmandu after the trek. Brothers Adventures ensured that we had a safe and smooth itinerary. Highly recommended!


This is my second Nepal trek organised by Brothers international Tours with Anil as my personal guide. It was an unforgetable trip for me where I pushed myself to a new limit. In 2016, I went with Anil on the Phoon Hill trek and this year, I chose the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek.

Anil, with his usual sunshine smile, is a great support to me. For someone who did not prepare well or trained for the trip, he has given me a lot encourgement and is super patient with my pace. He shared jokes and taught me Nepalnese songs to distract me from my fatigue. I was given a lot of time to rest and offered thoughtful prepared snacks, fruits and canned food throughout the trip. With Anil’s encourgement and care, I made it to ABC! What an awesome achievement!

Anil is very knowledgable about the culture and very experience and familar with the mountain and the routes. I felt very safe while trekking with him. Along the way, we spotted animals and captured beautiful shots. He takes very beautiful pictures and videos! He even gave me tips to capture good shots! Many laughing and fun moments!

Once again, I strongly recommend Brothers International Tours to anyone who wants to trek or tour Nepal at a reasonable and affortable budget with great service. As my promise to GanGan and Anil, I will train myself and go back to challenge annapurna circuit trek next year.

这是我第二次在尼泊尔徒步旅行, 由国际兄弟旅游组织, 由Anil作为我的个人向导。这对我来说是一次难忘的旅行, 我把自己推向了一个新的极限。2016年, 我和Anil一起去了普恩山的徒步旅行, 今年, 我选择了安娜普尔纳基地营地 (abc) 徒步。

对于一个没有做好准备或经过训练的徒步旅行客来说, Anil给了我很多鼓励, 对我的徒步速度非常有耐心。他分享笑话, 教我尼泊尔歌曲, 以分散我的疲劳。在整个旅行过程中, 我得到了很多休息的时间, 他并提供了精心准备的零食、水果和罐头食品。在Anil的鼓励下, 我终于到达了安娜普尔纳基地营地 (abc) ! 对我来说是个了不起的成就!

Anil对文化非常了解, 对山路也非常熟悉。我觉得和他一起徒步非常安全。一路上, 我们发现了动物, 捕捉到了美丽的镜头。他拍了非常漂亮的照片和视频!他也教我如何捕捉好镜头的小窍门! 这次的步行之旅,我非常满意。

再次, 我强烈推荐兄弟国际旅游给任何想要到尼泊尔徒步或旅游的朋友。兄弟国际旅游可以给你提供优秀的服务和一个非常合理的旅游配套。作为我对GanGan和Anil的承诺, 我将训练自己, 明年回去挑战安娜普纳赛道的跋涉。

Good morning Mr Ganga
We have returned home safely. Just to update you that the driver, Mr Kuenga & guide, Ms Jigme Choden are very caring & patient to us as elderly tourists.
Without their encouragement, we would not hv reached the tiger nest. We took more than 6 hours. 😅

Mrs Karen Liew
Bhutan Trip 27 Sep to 6 oct 2018

Team ALICE (At Last I’m Close to Everest)
Slogan : We Live To See
Started off with 11 pax & eventually grow to 21 pax. With limited days of leave, we committed ourself to comply ABC within 7 days. When others hear this, they’ll said we are a suicide team. Indeed, without 6 mths of preparation and a good trekking guide team, we wouldn’t have see the sunset & sunrise @ ABC. (Of course with the blessing of good weather) Thank you Team Brother! For the patience, caring, encouragement, jovial…… throughout our hike. Your thoughtfulness start from very little things such as boil drinking water/ginger lemon drinks/tea masala/mushroom garlic soup helps to keep our spirit up. Oh ya, not forgetting the surprising Momo for dinner😋. One instance, few of the porter walk a long way back with many ups & down the trail after unloading their load just incase one of our team mate needed their help. Indeed, I have to take off my hat to them! Many more little incidents which I think they are doing it from their ❤️ thank you once again! And hopefully we could engage you Brother for another trip to….. 🤔 EBC

14 September to 23 September 2018

We had an amazing experience in Nepal! All 21 of us managed to complete a 7- day trek to Annapurna Base camp with ease! The guides were incredibly helpful and accommodating to our requests. They have definitely made our trekking expedition an enjoyable one (: A big shoutout to Jhak, Anil, Chij, Sam and the porters for ensuring our safety and looking out for our welfare. The food that was prepared for us everyday during the trek were delicious. And of course, thank you to Ganga for the seamless coordination! We will definitely recommend Brothers International to whomever that is interested in heading to Nepal(: Once again, Thank you so much for everything.

From Mabel and Team A, B, C and D ( We miss Sam’s Momos!)
14 September to 23 September 2018

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hi Mr. Ganga
We are back in Singapore
We would like to say thank you to you and your team in Nepal.
Your brothers are really caring and helpful during entire our trip.
We have a wonderful and memorable Nepal trip.
We love Nepal : )

From: Lim SweeFong & Group (Singapore)
Annapurna Base Camp Trek (14 September to 23 September 2018)

Good afternoon Mr. Gan.
I have no words to describe my feelings and Thanks to you and to your brothers.
It’s really Remarkable and Unforgettable Trip ever in my life.
I love Mountains, People, Food and everything in Nepal.
I still feel like a dream and unbelievable that I’ve done this trip. Actually all because of you and your brothers Chiz, Jhak.
Million Thanks to you again and again and again Mr. Gan 🙏🙏🙏

8th June 2018

-Ms Moh Moh

Nepal Poon Hill Trek

Hi Ganga… we have all arrived home safe. Your brother Chij and his team has taken care of us well along the trail. Chij has placed safety above all. Accommodation and food is better than what our other friends have experienced. Tks for the good Service from Brothers International.


Dear Ganga,

Just wanted to let you know that we are back from our trip. 11 days pass by so quickly. We enjoyed ourselves very much. The local guide and driver were wonderful and looked after us well. I will definitely recommend your tour agency to my contacts. Meanwhile we are considering future trips to either Sri Lanka or Tibet. I will definitely keep in touch with you.



Hi Mr Ganga,
How are you & your family. Arrived home late last nite from Nepal to Bangkok and then S’pore. We have an enjoyable trekking at Nepal. Thanks to your 3 brothers, great chef and all the porters for supporting all the 28 of us. I’m expected to loose some weight due to the trekking and food, but it turned out that your chef is super good in his cooking that I’ve gained 1 kg.?. Thanks once again for a good trekking and I will definitely recommend your company to my Safra Running Club if they want to do trekking in Nepal.


Thomas Quek

Ganga, NAMASTE. Your brothers did a very good job of bringing us safely to Australian Camp. The group is enjoying themselves extremely well. I m very sure they are equally happy to have us.

Cheers. Mr Ong Lay Lay

We had a great holiday in Nepal. Thank you Ganga for all the arrangements. And special thanks to your brother Cheese who made our stay wonderful. It was truly a memorable trip for our family.

Thank you,

Doshi Family (Singapore)

27 Dec 2017

Appreciation-to-Brothers-InSchool trips to nepal,Bhutan, Sri lanka, Myanmar

We just want to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Mr ANIL who have provided us with a professionalized and personalized tour guiding during our recently 8 days family scenic tour of Nepal. He even went the extra mile to bring us to some scenic sites even though it was not in the itinerary just so to let us experience and appreciate  the life and culture of the Nepali people and the beauty of the place. He made our visit to Nepal a very enjoyable, exciting and a memorable one with his patience in explaining us his vast knowledge of the region and its history.
Our thanks too to our pilot for the whole duration of our tour Mr NAREN. He is quite  nice although a silent type fellow. With his professionalism in maneuvering the van in such poor road conditions coupled with  drivers with no road courtesy, we have started and ended our tour safely and soundly.
Our kudos to you guys. A highly recommended agency.
Thank you again and our warm regards,
12 March 2016

Hi Ganga,

We’re back safe and sound. But missing Nepal badly. Have been wanting to email you too but still trying to settle down back in SG. Haha… Work has been overloading due to 2 wks of absence.

We only covered Kalapathar. Gave base camp a miss as we wanted to ensure we get back to Lukla a day earlier. Was worried the flight will be delayed and we can’t make it back to Kathmandu on time.

Really wanna thank you and your brothers for taking good care of us. Really appreciate them inviting us over to their lovely place for the delicious dinner.

Am seriously missing Nepal ever since I came back, and would love to go back for more treks. Am wondering if it’s possible if you could update me of any possible groups that I may be able to join, on the condition I may not be able to find another person to travel with. Fixing travel dates with friends is really difficult, and end up may not even get to travel.

Once again, thank you very much for all of you for taking good care of us.

Maeve & Ada Everest (800 x 800)

Dear Ganga,

We will like to thank you and Brothers International tours for arranging our Wonderful 12Days Nepal & Bhutan Holiday!! And especially to our guide from Brothers Int’l Tours (P) Ltd Nepal
We were very happy about the flexibility of the tour where our Guide still managed to squeeze in Lumbini and Bhutan at such short time notice allowing us to cover as much as we can making it a fulfilled trip for us!!

Im very happy with Brothers team as we were very well taken care of by our Guide.Making sure we were always safe, taking care of our well-being when i was suffering from mild food poisoning, he and his well-trusted

In order to satisfy our fickle and changing appetite,he made exceptions when we request to have other types of cuisines.  He even bought us sunblock and misquote repellent when we most needed it.
Ferrying us around with a spacious and comfortable tourist van with a very experienced and friendly trust-worthy driver, Lucky.
And even providing us with good information and advice along the trip.
Bhutan side had done a good job as well in providing experienced guide Karma and driver Tashi. Hotels and food were to our satisfaction. And we still managed to cover lots due to our short stay in Bhutan. It was great!!
I must say its all this little little things that make a difference!!
Thank you once again Brothers Int’l Tours P Ltd (Nepal)and Karma and Tahsi for making it a Fun, Adventurous and Memorable trip for us!!!
Best Best Regards
Chen Sea Yin Clare 🙂

Ganga, thank you for the personalize services by you and your brothers during our trip. Jhak & Chij both of them have very good knowledge about history and culture of Nepal. All our porters were friendly and very strong young man. We had a party singing & dancing   at last day of our trek. We had great time! Thank you.

Best regards

Timothy Ng Singapore

Payment Muhibbah 8May 13 339 (800 x 600)


Hello Ganga,

My friends Amanda & Pet-Tchu and I sign up for 8Days 7Nights tours package to Nepal in early August and we were fully recharged  after the trip. We would like to thanks Chij who is very patient and  knowledgeable guide. He made sure the best service delivered to us each day. And not forget our driver Harka who is very skillful driver and making sure we arrive every destination safely. It was an exciting Nepal trip and definitely  we will return to Brothers International team for next trekking trip.


Best regards

28 August 2012


Hi Ganga, Namaste!! We missed your brothers already Jhak, Chij, Amir and whole team. Not to forget our person chef Man. They pampered us so much. We had a wonderful time and very well taken care.

We learned a Nepalese folk song and fell in love with it. “Resham Feriri” Yes should we decide to go to Nepal again. “Brothers International Tours” will be our first choice. Once again thank you and best wishes to you and your brothers team.

Best regards

Rita Cheok Singapore

IMG_1689 (800 x 533)

Best guides! Perfect services! Able to accommodate all reasonable requests! Best porter! Definitely will return to nepal! Memories stay! ED Tan

We would like to thank Brothers Intl for having us on this amazing journey in Nepal!

The guides, Hari and Jhak were ever so knowledgable and welcoming. Anil, our main guide was very accommodating to our needs. As curious souls, we were free to venture and marvel . Anil of course ascertained we did not land into any sorts of trouble. Safety was tops on their list!
And just what would we do without Harka and his signature shades and leather jacket?
Indisputably the best driver in town! His vehicle was immaculately well maintained too. Together, they made us feel at home in Nepal.
smile emoticon

Be it for leisure or adventure, we would recommend joining them for a colorful and heartwarming experience.
We shall be back and look forward to our next journey with them!

Farah Adibah


Dhanyabhad and thank you Brothers International for making our Nepal trip so enriching and memorable! Special thanks to our patient and knowledgeable guide Anil and our skilled driver Harka. The both of them are very sincere and they will take special initiative to cater to all our needs and preferences! We were able to try a wide variety of delicious food and experience the magic of Nepal through hiking, jungle safari and daywalks around Pokhara and Kathmandu. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would like to thank Brothers International for the excellent hospitality and wonderful memories created!

Cherry Cheong from Singapore

Encountered a bunch a extremely sincere guides that really made our days in Nepal very much enjoyable. Also makes you feel very safe and assured even though you are miles away from home. Special thanks goes out to our guide, Anil and our driver, Harka who kept us entertained during the entire trip and cater to even the slightest needs we have! Thank you for sharing so many stories with us, really helps us understand the Nepali culture a lot more. Highly recommended to you strangers out there! Will also bring along my friends for the next trip to Nepal. Kudos!

Giselle Zhuang Nai Hui Ms

Hi Ganga and Jhak,
We are writing to thank you and your team for looking after us in Nepal.
Kathmandu and Pokhara were awesome. The trek to Dhampus was so beautiful and we really loved meeting with the villagers and experiencing the Nepalese culture during the short trek. Staying  in a tea house was fun in the mountain.
Thank you for the great hospitality, good food and safe journey.

The wonderful services rendered by your team was second to none. We will certainly visit Nepal again and will definitely recommend our friends to your company.


We would like to thank you all for making our stay in Nepal a very pleasant and memorable one.We enjoyed ourselves very much. In fact, we grew to love every bit of Nepal, from the people,to the nature and simply the Nepalese way of living.

Hi Ganga
I am back, we (Mark + Doris) are back in one piece. We envisaged & enjoyed so much of its nature with lots of it’s own culture and living life. Indeed, I had a most memorable & exciting trek in your country. You had made your country proud.

Thank you so much, Ganga for your Preparation, Logistic and itinerary etc…

Your brother, Jack & Miru, Shuyam had done a good job. Every little bit has been taken care of.

Merci Beaucoup

This is a letter of compliments to the excellent and professional services rendered to us by Jack Buddhathoki, who was our guide during our 6 days in Nepal.

We truly enjoyed visiting your beautiful country, not least because of the warm hospitality, flexibility and professional guidance of Jack. He is informative, helpful and discreet as appropriate. A really affable gentleman you have an excellent staff on your team!
Thank you again.

Your faithfully
Wilson & Veronic Koh
5th March 2009

Dear Ganga :
I have just returned home on Singapore after an amazing trekking holiday in Nepal. The experience has been both breathtaking and unforgettable and I am witting this mail to express thanks and admiration to both Miru and Shyam, for being our guide and porter cum extraordinaire during the 6-day trek to Poon Hill in Jan 07. They have dutifully ensured that the experience was both enriching and very pleasant as well.

This mail also serves to express my thanks to you as well, for providing us with in-depth information and advice during the pre-trek briefing in your office and for having coordinated and planned our trip so well. The trek was executed the exact manner you have described it and we could not have been more prepared for the trek, both mentally and psychologically.

Whether we were in Landruk, Tadapani, Ghorepani, Ghandruk or Hile, the panaromic views of the Annapurna Mountain Range were truly spectacular and it simply took my breath away. Throughout the entire duration of the 6-day trek, all these whist having breakfast and watching the sunrise or whist preparing to wind down for end of the day, admiring the golden rays of the setting sun.

Miru has been a fabulous guide, providing us with endless information of the mountain and about Nepal. His patience is admirable as well as we fired him with endless questions, being our first trip to Nepal. He also amazes us with his strong command of spoken Mandarin and I an sure that your company with fully take advantage of emerging markets such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, where there are many people feel more at ease speaking the Chinese Language.

Shyam is ever so fit, ever so soft-spoken, so courteous and helpful, despite lugging a huge baggage load of more than 35kg of our personal belongings. His culinary skills are commendable as well, to ensure that food served during each meal is different and tasty as well. I was beginning to enjoy his Nepali pizza, rosti, spring rolls and even fried marcaroni. The trek could have ended so soon before I could enjoy his entire cultinary delights. Writing about it now is making me hungry. The truth is that I gobbled down every single piece of food served and this is a great testimonials of this cooking skills.

I have an hand a total of 1,000 pictures taken of my trek to Poon Hill. All carefully photographed to depict the great outdoor scenary of Nepal, not just of the mountain but of the people, the animals, the villages and the villagers. The ugly side of the trek, whereby irresponsible trekkers threw litter everywhere, was also photographed, to remind us what not to do during the trek. It is my privilege and honor as well to be able to present some of these pictures to you. For your presentation to new trekkers planning to trek Poon Hill with you and your company. Hope it will further inspire to overcome all odds to undertake this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

During the trip, I have been fortunate to meet with two teachers for Belgium, the first from their country assigned to improve the teaching and education system and standard in Nepal. I met too a Dutch lady, who has now settled in Nepal for three years, and who has given up the comfort of her home in Holland, to help set up a nursery school for the very young in Nepal, This has truly inspired me and brought new meaning to the words, education and charity.

Once a Nepal, always a Nepal, And I am really pleased and proud as well, that you Ganga, a Nepali, has chosen to stay in Singapore, to manage a travel agency and to inspire many Singaporeans to choose to trek in Nepal, the best trekking destination in the world, Who else other than you who is able to speak passionately about you country and who could administer the trek and trip so well, with your very extensive network in Nepal.

I am already looking forward to my next trek with your company during the middle of this year, to fulfill my childhood dream to trek up to the Everest Base Camp, And I am sure that I will yet again be able to have wonderful memories and an unforgettable experience.

keep up the great and inspiring work!


Dear Ganga,
On behalf of the group, I would like to thank you for the well co-ordinated trip. We are conscious that for an artist group, the demands are different and the eagerness to capture the beauty of the Land can exert extraordinary demands on you and your team. We are also grateful to the patience and effort put in by Jack and his crew. We hope we can work with you in our future excursions.
Many thanks.

Your sincerely,
on behalf of Mr. Ong Kim Seng and Participants.

Dear Ganga,
Many thanks for your assistance. Our trip was wonderful.
Our guide (Mr Jack – do hope I spell his name correctly) was helpful and knowledgeable. Good Insight to Nepal. The friendliness this country and its people has show during our stay is unforgettable.
Looking forward to our next trip to Nepal with Brothers Team
Thank you,

5 Jan 2012

Dear Ganga,

We have all made it home without problems. The trek was excellent. Jhak really does a great job of taking care of everyone. He really knows alot about the area and he communicates well with everyone. His english is very good as is yours. Jhak, Man and Chij were all great, we were lucky to have such a great crew. Everyone made it to ABC, but Andrea had a headache and Maila had to carry here down beyond MBC and she was able to walk into Derauli. She was fine afterward. We had a perfect clear sunny day going into ABC and a very clear morning for sunrise at ABC. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you. Yes, Jhak did give me the gift for my wife. She was very pleased and wishes me to thank you very much. I too am sorry that you could not be in Kathmnadu upon our return or better yet it would have been nice to have you on the trek. Someday we will trek together.

Mike and Eberhard are already planning the next trip which will be the northern part of the Annapurna Circuit with a side trip up a remote valley and going over two passes. They discussed this trip with Jhak.
I’ll followup with Steve in the next couple of days and see if we can push the shipping company to get the refund they owe to you.


Best regards,
Eric Clapp– USA

IMG_0243 (800 x 600)

Hi Ganga, Namaste! Thank you again for the good arrangement for my 3rd times to Nepal. Me & my friends are satisfied with your brothers good services during our stayed/trek over there from 19-28 April 2013. For sure, if there is 4th times for me to visit Nepal, I will see your team again;-p

Dear Chij,

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You!’ for making our Nepal Trip (10 to 21 February 2014) such an amazing and memorable one. We really appreciate your planning of our Poon Hill trek, especially the tweaking of the itinerary to facilitate a smoother trek for us, and of course, for us to have a chance to witness the sunrise atop Poon Hill. Thanks for braving the snow with us, and like you said, we were really lucky to experience/view both snow and sunrise. =)

Please extend our thanks to your brother, Anil, for his lovely company and big support during our snow trekking – we never fail to be tremendously amused by how Anil remains expressionless even as he utters the funniest jokes eg telling us that we were looking at Yeti footprints. Our appreciation also goes out to dearest Saila for the hard work (it’s amazing how he treks with tremendous ease even with a full load on his back) and for indulging us in song & dance. We would also like to thank John for the interesting anecdotes and stories of Nepal, and for sharing a special memory of the ice-cream flavour, ’21 Love’. And of course, our dearest driver, Hakka, for his excellent driving skills and for taking us to many places in his immaculately maintained vehicle.

To Ganga and Jhak:
Thank you both for making all the necessary arrangements and for all the care and concern throughout our trip – rest assured that we had an extremely wonderful time throughout, from Fewa Lake Boat Ride to Poon Hill Trekking to Chitwan Animal Adventures. This trip was indeed an eye-opener for us and we are certainly looking forward to visiting this magnificent country again!

I wish Brothers International Tours & Trading (Singapore) all the best and continued success!

Best regards,
Wan Ling Wong (Ms)

P1140490 (800 x 600)

School trip to Nepal